The Pan American Games (also known as the Pan Am Games) is a major event in which thousands of athletes from all of the North and South American countries participate in a variety of competitions . The event is held every four years in the year before the Summer Olympic Games and features most of the sports found in the Olympics.  In October 2011, the games were held in Mexico primarily in the city of Guadalajara though some of the events such as beach volleyball, sailing and triathlon were held in the seaside city of Puerto Vallarta. Because of my involvement with the sport chiropractic organization FICS, I was selected to help organize the sports medicine venue as well as help treat athletes that were participating in events in Pueto Vallarta.  The primary event there was beach volleyball which went on for 5 days.  Over all it was an interesting experience though there were a few glitches with the organizers.PanamGames2011_3 PanamGames2011_5 PanamGames2011_6 PanamGames2011_7 PanamGames2011_8