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Here is more about chiropractic care and the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer, please call us at +65 6738 9142.

What conditions do you treat?

Chiropractic works with you to restore your health in a personalised approach to overall wellness – through spinal care, exercise, good nutrition and stress management. Chiropractic also deals with other spinal problems such as intervertebral disc conditions, spondylosis, sprains and strains and non-spinal problems such as ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder problems caused by falls, sports and work injuries or other disorders.

Adjustments have also been known to help problems such as asthma, gastritis, constipation and menstrual cramps in certain cases. This again is due the fact that the spinal nerves connect the brain to the organs such as the lungs, stomach and uterus. A problem in the spine such as a subluxation, can cause irritation to the spinal nerve and adversely affect the organ systems. However it is important to always rule out other possibilities of organ pain or dysfunction with your doctor.

Do you offer other therapy modalities, alongside adjustments?

Yes, besides chiropractic adjustments for the treatment of your health problems, we also utilize various other therapy modalities to enhance the healing process.

Our Leander flexion/distraction tables provide passive mobilization of the spine, assisting in the treatment of many types of back conditions.

We use various electro-therapies such as interferential, Russian, and microcurrent that help reduce muscle spasms, increase circulation and decrease pain.

G5 mechanical massage, cervical and lumbar traction, hot and cold packs are among other therapies available in our offices. We also use specialized soft tissue massage techniques unique to the chiropractic profession.

What is Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is the largest natural method of health-care in the world. It focuses on treating the causes of physical problems, rather than just the symptoms. It is based upon a very powerful premise: that problems with the structure of the body (particularly the spine) can cause problems with the function of your body – especially the nervous system. The spinal cord, the main pathway of your nervous system, is located in a canal within the bones of the spine. It communicates all information from the brain to the rest of the body. All of your movements, feelings and functions are controlled by this system.

A problem in the spine can adversely affect the spinal nerves as they come off the spinal cord. One common problem is a subluxation or misalignment of the spine. Subluxations can lead to many disorders including low back and neck pain, headache, shoulder pain, numbness of the extremities, sciatica, and many other problems. These conditions result from an irritation or ‘pinching’ of the nerves as they exit the spine and go to other parts of the body.

The primary treatment that separates chiropractic from other professions is the chiropractic adjustment. An adjustment is a specific movement applied to a joint to restore proper motion and function and eliminate nerve irritation. Once the spine is restored to proper function your body can better heal itself.

How do chiropractic adjustments work?

The most common method of adjustment and probably the most widely used is called Diversifed technique. With this method the practitioner physically moves the joint with a small fast impulse that causes an articular release or what the patients often calls “cracking”. The sound that one feels and hears is not the bones cracking but a release of gas pressure within the joint when it resets itself during the adjustment. Besides the increased mobility in the joint, the adjustment helps increase the circulation and relieve pressure upon the nerve endings that line the surface of the joint and course through the space between the joints. This is particularly useful when one has acute back or neck pain that involves muscle spasm as often one can feel immediate increase in movement and a significant decrease in pain directly after an adjustment.

The spinal nerves exit between the vertebrae close to the joints and travel to other parts of the body virtually connecting the brain to every thing else. With in mind, spinal adjustments can have a powerful affect upon many conditions besides just neck and back pain. For example with many neck conditions, the spinal nerve is often affected causing an associated pain, numbing or weakness in the shoulder, arm or hand. By adjusting the associated neck vertebrae, these problems in the extremity can be alleviated. This is also true with conditions such as headaches where in many cases the cause of the headache is due to an irritation to the nerve from the upper neck.

Adjustments are a skill that requires special training and is an integral part of a chiropractor’s education. Special physical tests as well as diagnostic x-ray and MRI, are used to determine where and what type of adjustment is needed to correct the specific health condition. Most adjustive technique is done with the hands though there are also methods of adjustment that involve instruments or sophisticated tables such as a Leander Table.

How safe and effective are adjustments?

Adjustments are safe and very effective in the hands of a qualified chiropractor. Chiropractic works with you to restore your health in a personalised approach to overall wellness – through spinal care, exercise, good nutrition and stress management.

Chiropractic adjustments are a safe and effective treatment for numerous health problems though one should always make sure that only a graduate of an accredited chiropractic institution is allowed to adjust or manipulate the spine. Particularly in the Asian countries, many unqualified individuals are doing crude forms of spinal manipulation in the guise of massage. This is a potentially dangerous situation as person should always undertake a history and examination before having spinal adjustments or manipulation as certain spinal conditions are adversely affected by vigorous manipulations.


Chiropractic also deals with other spinal problems  — see “What conditions do you treat?”

Do you do custom foot orthotics?

Orthotics are custom-made corrective insoles, precision contoured for each foot individually. They are designed to improve foot function & comfort by ensuring correct foot alignment and posture.

Signs of incorrect alignment may be heel pain or flat feet, bunions, foot pain, callouses, or pain in the back, thighs, knees or throughout the legs.

Custom-made orthotic insoles comfortably fit most shoes and with reasonable care will last for many years.  Chiropractic Care Pte Ltd has been providing high quality Custom-made orthotics  for patients since 1992.

What's your philosophy of care?

For the past 20 years, Chiropractic Care Pte Ltd have been providing residents of Singapore and people from abroad with state-of-the-art chiropractic services. Our Doctors of Chiropractic are all graduates of accredited institutions and utilise the finest equipment and the latest treatment and diagnostic methods available. Our policy is to provide you with answers to your problems based on thorough analysis, accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapies.

During the initial office visit, your chiropractor will spend time in consultation discussing with you the nature and history of your condition. After the doctor has an idea of your problem, he will then thoroughly examine you with special tests that assess the motion and alignment of your joints and the condition of your nerves and muscles. If x-rays or special tests are required, they will be advised accordingly. After careful analysis, the doctor then will give a detailed explanation of your problem, its severity and an estimation of how long it may take for you to recover. At this time he will also answer any questions regarding your problem, the examination or other pertinent issues.

We do not require patient’s to purchase treatment packages as each person’s case is individual and may require varying amount of care. However they are available as an option to the patient. Our office also follows the guidelines of The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) as far as patient care and management.

Our chiropractors work with you to restore your health and manage your health problems in a personalised approach to overall wellness.

To discover just some of the conditions that may be successfully managed through chiropractic care, visit our “conditions we treat” section in our blog.

Is exercise advice given?

In addition to the chiropractic adjustments we provide our patients with rehabilitation exercises, advice on posture and activities of daily living, nutritional and stress management. Overall we try to assist our patients in the total management of their chiropractic problems.

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